We are Program and we’ve had the amazing opportunity to do a collaboration with Halmstad, Lilla Torg, The Bulls and Art Of Living to give all of you an amazing weekend full of DJs, live acts and activities.

So, this is Program x Lilla Torg and during Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of June we’d like to invite you to the beautiful square Lilla Torg were we will create a sweet destination for your family and friends to eat, drink, experience, and listen to some of Swedens finest music acts.
And of course – free entry!

The setup is pretty simple – 28th of June is more live act focused while 29th of June is more centered around DJs and a big dayparty!
Keep a lookout in this event for artist releases and announcements regarding the event.

June 28th
13:00 Area opens
17:00 Ryan Edmond
18:00 Lily Arbor
19:00 Joe & the Anchor
20:00 Feelium
21:00 Ennui
22:00 Two Year Vacation
23:00 Area Closes

June 29th Dayparty 18+
13:00 Area Opens
14:00 Frida Harnesk (DJ-set)
16:00 Sörja (live)
17:00 Frida Harnesk (DJ-set)
20:00 Area Closes


Two Year Vacation


Joe & The Anchor


Lily Arbor

Frida Harnesk


Awesome Love songs på il grillo

Ryan Edmond